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    Proper maintenance of the linear module used to extend its life

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    Linear module requires maintenance , I took you to know the importance of linear modules maintained .

        Linear position detection module is a set of fine skills, driving skills , linear modules to skills , moderation skills and many other skills as one of organic synthesis . In these skills , and if one aspect of access to improved or progressive , linear modules will allow access to all functions progress . For example, when the workpiece table -driven approach is the use of direct drive rather than a direct drive , because the reduction of the transmission chain length and the transmission link errors in transmission, will make the work station of accuracy, speed and acceleration features are obtained progress. Therefore deserve the real-time application of the new information , new skills to meet the needs of the work carried out in Taiwan .

    Linear module
        Linear modules using conventional periodic refueling when the need to use different oils for use under the circumstances . Regular maintenance can extend the life of the rail.
       ( 1 ) rail oil ( slide oil )
       ( 2 ) two oil hydraulic rail
       ( 3 ) grease.
        Linear modules sometimes water contact , such as lathes , machining centers, often with water splash on the rail , rail oil water separation properties if poor will be split water droplets into the cutting fluid , cutting fluid will cause pollution, so the performance of the rail very important watershed . Some more rough mechanical , rail larger , simple structure , and the rails have pit , which is designed to lubricate with grease , grease gun by hand most of the way to squeeze oil . Requires all of EP extreme pressure grease , otherwise after being squeezed , the module can not withstand heavy residual oils .
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