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    Minutes of the first meeting of the Innovation Center

    Time:2018-04-25 14:10:59Source:This siteViews:424

    On April 24th, in the conference room on the third floor of Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., the first seminar of the preparatory group for the Precision Machine Tool and Key Components Innovation Center was held, Minjia, Guangju, Weiyuan, Hongya, West. A total of 18 representatives from the enterprises such as Pulse, Jingyao, Qizhi, Jianyin, Jingu, Huixu and other vocational colleges and Chinese laborers attended the meeting. Director Chen Jianhua of Guangzhou Industrial and Commercial Committee of Yigong was invited to attend the meeting.

    At the meeting, the delegates actively offered suggestions and suggestions to discuss and discuss the ideas and plans for setting up an innovation center, the internal structure and future operation mode. The name of the Innovation Center was jointly identified as: “Guangdong Province High-end CNC Machine Tool and Key Functional Component Innovation Center”. The center was jointly sponsored by Guangju, Minjia, Ximai, Qizhi and other enterprises. The dean of Zhouhua, the dean of the vocational school, was responsible for preparing the application materials and applying for the project to the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission.

    Director of the Guangzhou Industrial and Information Committee, Mr. Chen Jianhua, put forward guidance at the meeting: I believe that the development of the machine tool industry in Guangdong has been good in recent years. Under the advocacy of "Made in China 2025", governments at all levels have vigorously supported the establishment of intelligent innovation centers. The introduction of relevant policies to reward is a good condition for the establishment of the Innovation Center. At the meeting, the situation of the five existing national innovation centers was introduced. It is hoped that the preparatory group will play a more concentrated role in the five major factors of “production, learning, research, use, and gold” as a national innovation center. To build this project to provide security for the development of China's machine tool industry.

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