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    High-level exchange symposium for equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises was held in Foshan

    Time:2018-06-06 15:25:04Source:This siteViews:417

    The Guangdong Machinery Industry Association equipment manufacturing backbone enterprise high-level exchange symposium was held on June 6th in Foshan Nanhai Zhonghao Intelligent Incubator. More than 40 senior executives from 20 provincial equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises and research institutes attended the conference. Weiyuan was fortunate to participate in this conference as a representative of provincial equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises. The former provincial machinery industry association president Qi Zhiwei, the former association secretary Liu Xiying, Gao Zongxi and the relevant leaders of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Secretary-General Huang Jianhua.

    During the meeting, the guests exchanged ideas on the opportunities and dilemmas of the development of the mechanical equipment industry, the breakthrough of the business transformation, and shared the experience of innovation and development of enterprises. The chairman of Guangzhou CNC He Minjia analyzed the differences between Chinese and German manufacturing. He believed that German companies would not blindly pursue large-scale, but rather refined their products. The Sino-German product gap is not in the equipment, but in the manufacturing process.

    At the meeting, the chairman of Shenzhen Weiyuan Li Yiqian made a wonderful speech to the conference. He pointed out that enterprises should protect their own feathers, do business first to do cultural design, and entrepreneurial character determines corporate quality and staff quality. Weiyuan has 30% of employees for more than 10 years. Old employees are loyal to the company and will not leave the company. The company has been established for 23 years, and it has not owed it to its employees – it does not owe employees, does not owe customers, and does not owe suppliers. Weiyuan has now stalked into the fields of rail transit, new energy vehicles, medical equipment, etc., and beat old players with high quality and low price to win market position.

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