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    Fourth Expo opened in Mianyang

    Time:2016-09-22 08:52:31Source:This siteViews:911

    The morning of September 21st 10, sponsored by the national science and Technology Department, Sichuan Provincial People's government, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, central military equipment development department and the Central Military Commission of science and Technology Committee, the National Association of industry and commerce, National Defense University, Chinese Federation and other units, the torch center of Ministry of science and technology and science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, the relevant provincial departments and the Mianyang Municipal People's Government host of "technological innovation, civil military integration and open cooperation" as the theme of the fourth session of the Chinese science and Technology City International Science and Technology Fair grand opening in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province Exhibition center.

    This theme will be for a period of four days, by the United States as the Expo's guest of honor. A total of 887 units from the countries and regions participating in the exhibition, the exhibition project of the 2067, exhibits 9141, of which the world's top 500 enterprises, well-known enterprises outside the 64, 37. Compared with the last session, the Expo exhibitors, the project, the number of exhibits significantly increased, significantly enhance the degree of internationalization of the exhibition, the exhibition of large enterprises and groups continued to increase.

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