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    Machinery Industry Association, the president of the Federation of Electrical Industry Association held

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    Guangdong Machinery Industry Association, the president of the Guangdong Electric Industry Association joint meeting held in Shantou Yingbin Hotel on September 22nd.
    The meeting was co chaired by Wu Hanrong, chairman of the Guangdong super Electric Co., Ltd., chairman of the association and the Secretary general. Guangdong Provincial Commission by letter, the Guangdong provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau leaders attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the common problems faced by enterprises in the environment of supply side structural reform, sharing the true knowledge of innovation driven development. For Gongduonanguan, plan next year to achieve goal setting foundation; the government, under the new normal business association, three party in linkage, innovation and tolerance under the theme of his role, play a role in their own advice.

    Chairman of the board of directors, vice president of Guangdong Machinery Industry Association Li Yiqian attended the meeting, made a joint effort to create the spirit of the theme of the speech.

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