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    2016 China (Hefei) International Machine Tool and Mould Exhibition

    Time:2016-10-13 09:45:28Source:This siteViews:938

    By Chinese (Hefei) jointly organized by the international machine tool exhibition, Anhui International Chamber of Commerce, Anhui Province Machinery Industry Association and Hefei Linkai Culture Communication Co., China (Hefei) International Mechanical and electrical products memory of machine tool and Mould Exhibition on October 11, 2016 -13, held at Anhui International Exhibition center.

    Chinese (Hefei) international machine tool exhibition involving machine parts, forging machinery, mould and related industries, the exhibition will be in accordance with the "first-class exhibition, establishing a famous brand 'request, and gradually build into regional and national mechanical and electrical products (materials) International Electrical Procurement and the main event array" exhibition and trade synchronous ". Welcome colleagues from all walks of life.

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