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    The eighteenth China International Industry Fair

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    China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Expo") by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology, China Academy of Sciences, Academy of engineering, China China International Trade Promotion Committee, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and co sponsored by the Shanghai municipal government, China Machinery Industry Association, Shanghai East Portland health international trade in services (Group) Limited company to undertake to equipment manufacturing industry as the main international exhibition industry exhibition, the first week of November each year held in Shanghai Tuesday to Saturday.
    Chinese industry fair since its inception in 1999, after seventeen years of development and innovation, through specialization, marketization and internationalization, brand operation, has become the international exhibition union UFI certification, China equipment manufacturing industry's most influential international industrial exhibition brand, is the industrial area of China is facing the world and an important window the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation platform. Since 2015, Chinese Expo has officially moved to the National Convention Center (Shanghai). National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) is located in Shanghai CBD core area of Hongqiao, adjacent to Hongqiao transportation hub, is the world's largest exhibition complex.
    The eighteenth Chinese International Industry Fair will be held from November 1, 2016 to 5 at the National Convention Center (Shanghai) held a 8 professional exhibition, the exhibition area of 230 thousand square meters, more than 2100 exhibitors, is expected to more than 120 thousand Chinese and foreign professional visitors.
    Weiyuan booth: 6.1H Automation Exhibition Hall Shenzhen exhibition F059/060/080/081, this exhibition will be in Shenzhen, Weiyuan and Anhui two companies join forces to participate in the exhibition, you are welcome to view the!
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