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    Innovation driven quality lead - eighteenth Fair opened in Shenzhen

    Time:2016-11-16 10:40:26Source:This siteViews:886

    The eighteenth Fair will be held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from November 16, 2016 to 21.
    After 18 years of development, the fair has become Chinese the largest and highest level, the most effective and most influential national international conference on science and technology. This fair "innovation drive to lead quality" as the theme to the main exhibition hall of Shenzhen Exhibition Center, in the Great China International Exchange Square, city park personnel are respectively provided with unmanned systems development and talent fair two venue, a total exhibition area of more than 115 thousand square meters, will be about 3000 exhibitors, more than and 30 countries and regions more than 10000 projects exhibitors, more than 80 countries at home and abroad to attend the meeting, the audience is expected to more than 500 thousand people, more than 200 Chinese and foreign media interview.
    This fair highlights the industry benchmark and technology benchmark functions, will showcase cutting-edge technology large number of high-tech fields, such as virtual reality holographic world leading interactive video technology, intelligent voice interactive technology, computer vision and deep learning technology, Tai Kongpiao floating sleep solutions etc.. The world's thinnest color flexible display, the world's first wide screen naked eye 3D three-dimensional film, the world's first VR initiative to control a large number of rotating body platform and a number of the world's leading products will debut.
    This fair will highlight the celebrity effect and effect of enterprises. Invited the United States, Britain, Italy and other countries 40 guests attended the forum, academicians, Nobel Prize winner, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Chinese aerospace and other well-known enterprises high-level participants, exhibitors including Zhongguancun, HUAWEI, BYD, Chinese, cnpec electronics industry leader.

    Weiyuan booth: 2 Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, 2F08; welcome colleagues from all walks of life!

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