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    Shenzhen machinery 30 passion, glory is at that time

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    Shenzhen has been the vanguard of innovation driven development, was born in Shenzhen and has been leading the country's Shenzhen machinery, has been kept walking, challenge and self transcendence. Shenzhen machinery industry output value accounted for nearly 20% of total industrial output value of Shenzhen, located in Shenzhen industrial second pillar industries. This precision parts, micro motors, new batteries, container production in the world, precision mold manufacturing, laser processing equipment, office automation equipment, intelligent passenger boarding bridge production in china.
    Yesterday (2016/11/22), 30 years of passion, the glory of time -- the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association 2016 members of Congress and the 30 anniversary ceremony at the Mission Hills Golf Club in Dongguan staged a magnificent, spans 30 years of glory tour officially set sail.
    From 1986 to 2016, Shenzhen Machinery Association and the Shenzhen machinery industry development trajectory is almost synchronous. From toddler to eighty, were not seen by the legendary spread from. Shenzhen City Association of machinery industry and the industry, experienced after the reform and opening up the economy, has also experienced a difficult short period of high speed development of the society, can stand together through storm and stress. The Standing Committee of the CPPCC, the CPPCC Economic Committee Director Cui Minrong said that the association services, guide the development of the industry for 30 years has made outstanding contribution to the industry colleagues praise is the "Shenzhen speed" and "Shenzhen quality" of the practitioner and leader, is the representative of "big craftsman spirit".
    In 30 years, the changes in turn the world upside down Shenzhen machinery industry, has made remarkable achievements, the emergence of a large number of spirit of the times with the economy they created an influential man, and one in Shenzhen in the same industry leading position, with visibility, reputation and influence, good economic and social benefits. With strong market competitiveness of the benchmark products, not only created a brilliant performance for the Shenzhen economic and social development, has made outstanding contributions, and with its unique creativity, impetus, contribution, influence the progress and development of the economic society.

    Chen Yi, Han's laser generation, Tianda CIMC Huaya East Zheng Zuhua, Ye Mingwu, promised gold silver basis, Junjun Wei and Hu Xiaofeng, Li Li billion Kodak establishment, Willard Gu Jinyue, was awarded the Shenzhen Yi Adtech machinery 30 years of creative innovation influential man Award; Zhenxiong, Jiang Liyuan and Zhu Zhe, Shi Xing Sheng Hong Huang Siping, Weiyuan Li Jingyu won the Shenzhen machinery industry cutting-edge 30 years influential man Award; Liu Xiangshang, Jin Xing Fu Xiang Peng Hongfu, Bao Hong Huang Yongguang, Li Huanchang, Hua Yisheng, Zou Qiang, Chang Hung group of CAI kaoqun, the Gu Guowen, Zhou Boyao won the Shenzhen Yongxinda machinery industry 30 years influential man ingenuity award.


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