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    Summary and planning

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    In January 14th and in Anhui, Shenzhen, the company held a summary of the work of the year 2016 and the planning meeting in 2017, respectively, in January 20th. The board of directors, board of supervisors and staff representatives attended the meeting.
    2016 is the Anhui province Weiyuan Precision Industry Co Ltd bow, the department heads and staff representatives attended the meeting with pride at the Chuzhou factory administration building "2017 planning work". Although the delegates attend the meeting for the first time, but each of them speak freely, talk about achievements, talk about experience, find gaps, make recommendations, the atmosphere is strong.
    Shenzhen, 2017 for the first time the board of directors, board of supervisors, Congress held in the company conference room, the delegates were jubilant. In manufacturing a greater downward pressure today, the 2016 Weiyuan staff and cadres be able to break the ice on the fish, get set by 22% than the previous year, sales growth of 36%, the return of funds amounted to 95% of the good results, but also help the training of technical personnel in Anhui company, Anhui security company smooth operation.
    After the summary of the report of the department heads, general manager Li Jingyu to talk about the management of the data, to talk about the case to find the path to find a gap in performance. At the same time affirmed the results, the 2017 growth of 30% requirements and specific measures.

    Anhui and Shenzhen companies have adopted: organizations and cadres to engage in motion, 2017 marketing plan, in 2016 issued a red envelope provisions, the wage adjustment program in 2017, in Chuzhou in 2017 to build automation company bill.

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