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    The two companies will be colorful

    Time:2017-01-23 09:55:48Source:This siteViews:910

    Thank God thank yourself, feast He Xiqing harvest. In a piece of laughter, Anhui, Shenzhen annual meeting kicked off. In order to thank the Shenzhen company to help Anhui company, Langya city - Chuzhou drunk brothers provides dinner with wine, Chuzhou chrysanthemum, crystal cup gifts for Shenzhen company.
    Anhui to Shenzhen sent ten cadres working in Chuzhou presented a brave gold bracelet, want to take the door, to hold onto the money; more than 20 days in three class dry overnight the successful completion of TTI company in the United States order finishing section of a special bonus.
    Shenzhen this year, the highest lottery award for 10G gold bars, but everyone has a prize.

    The party staff Zibianziyan happy program. Shenzhen company Wei Guoping sing from the "Weiyuan hymn", the Anhui Department of Commerce essay "gun red" won the first prize.


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