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    2016 starlight

    Time:2017-01-23 09:48:06Source:This siteViews:954

    1 vice mayor of Shenzhen Chen Biao to the chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Labor Medal awarded to Mr. Li Yiqian;
    2 Li Jingyu, general manager of Shenzhen machinery industry cutting-edge award;
    3 Shenzhen company fifteen days ahead of schedule. Sales increased by 22% over the previous year, sales increased by 36%;
    4 Anhui company through ISO9001 certification;
    5 Shenzhen company won the Shenzhen steady post award;
    6 Anhui company by the world famous enterprise Sweden SKF qualified supplier qualification;
    7 stainless steel ball screw to overcome the heat treatment difficulties, samples submitted to an aircraft manufacturing company;

    8 export (export) screw rod amount increased by 100%;


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