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    Blackout story

    Time:2017-02-17 10:00:07Source:This siteViews:1086

    Chuzhou Power Supply Bureau issued a notice on February 15th 8:30 to 11:30 blackout. How to arrange half a day?
    The production department plans to clean sanitation, maintenance of machine tools. The assembly section will be modified in advance of the nut ball flow, assembly when power failure. Arrange new employee training department, training work respectively by the technical department, QC department is responsible for. The purchasing department also adjusted the plan of going out.
    How to solve the problem? Plan takeout. Everything is going on.
    But on February 15th, we got two extra surprises.
    One night Zhang Jingshang turner. He took into account the cold weather in Chuzhou, after the blackout, we do not drink hot water is not good for the body. His wife is making soy milk business, selling breakfast. After the night shift, he filled two bottles of soy milk ride electric car to the factory.
    Two is the noon bell rang, we are ready to take away, but the staff canteen hot meals exudes a nose flavor. Why not take out? The original chef Zhang Qionghua in order that we can eat, eat hot, good breakfast after lunch with a rice cooker will be cooked, and good insulation work. Instant heating. Dishes are prepared in advance.
    Zhang Jing and Zhang Qiong Howard trouble yourself into the spirit of praise by everyone. The company decided to inform the praise and give material rewards.
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