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    Linear modules in six major factor in the assessment of the application that you find out about it

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    Here we introduce the linear module applications in assessment six major factors:
           1 , as well as guiding precision modules and supports thermal deformation. Guiding precision is the exact level of the movement along the rail member guide surface movement of its trajectory . The main factors affecting the accuracy with geometric precision guide rails Order of the guide surface , the stiffness of the structure type rail contact precision guideways , the appearance of roughness , guides and support , the guideways film thickness and film stiffness. Geometric precision linear motion guides generally include: vertical plane straightness and horizontal plane ; parallelism between the two rail surface . Rail geometric precision error error can be expressed in units of length or full length on the rail on .
           2 , precision persistence addition, the accuracy of persistence is the ability of the module during operation to maintain the original geometric precision. Wear persistence module depends on the accuracy of the rail is extremely dimensional stability. Wear and match data guideways , factors force performance , precision, lubrication and protective devices related. Support rails and residual stress within the rail will also affect the accuracy of persistence .
           3 , motion sensitivity and precision linear guide motion sensitivity is the minimum stroke motion member achievable ; positioning accuracy is required to stop the movement component in the ability to be able to specify the location . Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy with rail type , friction characteristics , velocity, transmission stiffness , sports component quality and other factors.
           4 , smooth movement of the module is the guiding rail movement smooth performance creeping phenomenon does not occur at low speed movement or trace movement. Smooth and rail construction, matching Guideway materials , lubrication conditions, rail movement of lubricant properties and stiffness of the transmission system and other factors.
           5 , vibration resistance and stability and stability is the self-excited vibration performance does not appear in the given operating conditions . Vibration is the ability to accept modular deputy forced vibration and shock . 6 stiffness which is particularly important for precision machinery and instruments. Modules include deformed body deformation guideway rail contact deformation , deformation of the rail 's ability to resist stress . Deformation will affect the accuracy of the relative position and the guide member. Both should be considered.
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