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    ANHUI WEIYUAN Company passed the certification of Connie

    Time:2017-04-24 14:07:29Source:This siteViews:414

    Kangni Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of domestic motor car subway car door machines, and also the R&D manufacturer of domestic bus bars. At the request of Connie, Anhui Weiyuan undertook the development task of the high-speed sliding screw pair of Coney's Barcela Gate in February 2016. After a concerted effort, the samples were handed out for fatigue life testing in two months. After conducting 1.6 million trials, it was accepted by the Connie team of experts for on-site review in March. Recently, Anhui Weiyuan Company received a notice to become a qualified supplier of Connie.

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