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    Weiyuan went to Germany to participate in Hannover Industry Exhibition

    Time:2017-04-25 15:55:00Source:This siteViews:433

    Weiyuan went to Germany to participate in the 2017 Hannover MESSE. The exhibition time (2017.4.24-28) was for 5 days. The exhibition was directly led by Shenzhen Weiyuan General Manager. 

    Hannover Messe has become the largest international industrial event of its kind today and is considered to be an important international event in the world of technology and business. The Hannover Messe in Germany has 7 major themes, leading you to explore unlimited business opportunities. The exhibition is rich in content, showcasing the top-notch high-tech products of modern industrial technology, and driving the commercial development of the entire industrial industry.


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