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    Weiyuan went to the Czech Republic to participate in the Machinery Exhibition

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    For the first time, the company's products are honored with the famous trademarks of Guangdong Province, and they are full of confidence to go to the Czech Republic for the first time to participate in the 2017 Czech Brno International Machinery Exhibition. The exhibition time (October 9-13, 2017) was held for 5 days at the International Exhibition Center in Brno, Czech Republic.

    Before the exhibition, the company strengthened its development efforts in the Eastern European market. During the exhibition, there will be more than a dozen buyers coming to negotiate. In order to further increase the market share of Weiyuan's independent products in Central and Eastern Europe, the exhibition was attended by the company's general manager and deputy general manager.

    The Czech Brno International Machinery Exhibition is the most influential industrial exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe, accredited by the International Exhibition Union (UFI). Since its inception in 1959, it has become one of the most famous exhibitions in Europe, with a wide range of radiation markets. The exhibition is an important window for the display of advanced technology in Europe. The 3D measurement technology, automation products, machine tools, new energy aircrafts and automobiles and various professional mechanical equipments exhibited during the exhibition showcase the world's leading technologies and innovative ideas. .

    The Czech population is small, but the level of mechanical manufacturing is small. On the first day of the opening ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Mark Qing, accompanied by Counselor Wang Jingsong, came to the Weiyuan booth. Ambassador Wang carefully inquired about Weiyuan's enterprises and products. General Manager Li Jingyu answered the questions earnestly.

    Just when Ambassador Wang talked with General Li, the Russian ambassador to the Czech Republic also came to the company booth. The ambassadors of the two major powers met at the Weiyuan booth, shaking hands and cheering, and adding lustre to our activities.

    Ambassador Ma visits the booth

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