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    Weiyuan won the title of “Top 100 Independent Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Shenzhen” – the general mana

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    The 5th Shenzhen SME Innovation Top 100 Enterprise Selection Campaign was held at Wuzhou Hotel on November 23, 2017. Gao Zimin, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a speech for this selection event. Shenzhen Old Leader and President of China Small and Medium Enterprises Association Li Zibin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, Jiang Yuyang, and Liu Runhua, executive vice chairman of the CPPCC, attended the award ceremony.

    In the past three years, Weiyuan has always insisted on innovation, improved the efficiency of production process reengineering projects, and successfully achieved overtaking in corners and made great progress. In this selection event, it was awarded the honorable title of “The 5th Shenzhen Independent Innovation Top 100 SMEs”. The general manager – Dr. Li Jingyu was awarded the “Shenzhen Top Ten SMEs Entrepreneurship” award.

    According to Wang Shunsheng, President of Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Development Promotion Association and Sun Li, Executive Director, the selection of this year's Top 100 Innovations shows the following characteristics: the quality of SMEs is further improved, and the scale of enterprises, sales of products, tax payment, etc. are significantly improved; The number of independent intellectual property rights has increased significantly. There are 88 enterprises with more than 300 patents in the enterprises, and 375 enterprises with more than 100 patents. The number of enterprises in strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence has increased more, indicating that Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises The technological development of the enterprise is further optimized. According to statistics, the number of enterprises in emerging industries such as smart equipment, robots, drones, new energy, new materials, life and health, and aerospace accounts for more than 70% of the total number of enterprises, including the Yihua computer with the largest financial equipment manufacturing base in Asia. , Baode Technology, Asia's largest server industry base, high-end lithium battery module manufacturer Xinwangda, home improvement O2O field unicorn company Tuba rabbit, mobile Internet operation support service provider Monternet technology, intelligent fiber laser global sales champion Putt, a modern medical system manufacturer, Huijian Medical, etc.

    The Top 100 Innovation Awards were jointly organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the China Small and Medium Enterprises Association, the China Small and Medium Enterprises Development Association, and the Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper. The theme of the event was “Innovation Drives and Hands Together” . The event has been held since 2006. It has been held for two years and has been held for five times. It has become one of the most influential brand activities in Shenzhen. It has played an important role in stimulating entrepreneurs' independent innovation and promoting Shenzhen's outstanding SMEs.

    Gao Zimin, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a speech



    Dr. Li Jingyu, General Manager (5 from left) and the vice mayor of Gao

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