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    The three sessions will be closed

    Time:2018-01-30 13:40:41Source:This siteViews:371

    The first meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the Staff Representatives Meeting in 2018 was closed on the afternoon of January 26.

    The meeting was held at Shenzhen Xilihu Resort. All directors, supervisors and representatives of the Staff Representative Conference attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Li Yiqian. The representative of the Anhui company was unable to attend the meeting as scheduled due to the suspension of the heavy snow plane. The comrades who arrived in Shenzhen for exchange work attended the meeting as representatives. The delegates unanimously expressed their condolences to Anhui colleagues.

    The main agenda of this meeting is to listen to the work reports of Shenzhen and Anhui production and management, enterprise management and wealth management; Li Jingyu's 2017 work report and 2018 work plan outline; Li Zhengping's deputy general director's outline of the 2018 work plan of Anhui company; Shenzhen company employee incentive program; first-line production employee compensation accounting program. All reports and proposals of the meeting were unanimously adopted.

     Li Dong made an intersessional speech entitled "New Era, New Opportunities, New Journeys".

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