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    2017 event review

    Time:2018-01-30 13:46:34Source:This siteViews:385

    1 Won the famous trademark of Guangdong Province;

    2 Selected as one of the top 100 enterprises for innovation in SMEs in Shenzhen;

    3 General Manager Li Jingyu won the top ten entrepreneurial talents in Shenzhen;

    4 “The train top CNC drilling and milling device and research” won the second prize of the excellent paper of the 14th Scientist Forum;

    5 Received the “Shenzhen Award” in Shenzhen (for the third consecutive year since 2015);

    6 Anhui Weiyuan has been able to play a stable guarantee role and achieve the factory design goals.

    7 The first domestic GSX module production line using green manufacturing technology was completed in the Zhangzhou plant in Anhui.

    8 Signed a joint agreement with Trump Medical, a subsidiary of Trump, to develop a special screw for medical devices.

    9 Successfully developed the large lead 5050, 3232, 2020 rolling ball screw pair to fill the domestic gap.

    10 Open up the Eastern European market and participate in the Czech Industry Exhibition for the first time. The Chinese and Russian ambassadors to the Czech Republic visited the booth.

    11 The production process reengineering work meeting held in September focused on the relationship between production process and equipment and work and product quality.

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