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    2018 Hannover Fair

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    As the largest international industrial event in the world, the annual Hannover Industrial Fair kicked off on April 23, 2018, Germany. Weiyuan brought the world's leading products such as industrial manipulators and ball screw to the world. Show the charm of “Shenzhen Zhizao”. This is the first time that the Hanover International Logistics Exhibition (CeMAT) and Hannover Industry Fair have been held in the same period. The synergy between the two shows the combination of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0.


    The exhibition attracted more than 5,000 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions, including 980 exhibitors in China, second only to the host Germany. The exhibition focuses on how people, machines and information technology can further integrate and collaborate, that is, the future direction of the factory as depicted in “Industry 4.0”. Among them, artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, forward-looking maintenance, safety and standards of Industry 4.0, energy intelligence, platform economy, and international cooperation are the focus of attention.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) and Mexican President Pe?a (centre) visited Hannover Messe

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