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    Weiyuan Company participated in the 4th 4th World Robot Congress

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    The 2018 World Robotics Congress, co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Science and Technology Association, opened in Beijing on the afternoon of the 15th. This is the fourth World Robot Congress held in China since 2015. It has developed into an important platform for communication between China and the world and integrating technology and industry.

     The theme of this conference is five days. It is composed of four major sections: forum, exposition, competition, and ground unmanned system activities with the theme of “creating new kinetic energy and sharing a new era of openness”. In the conferences with the highest public participation, more than 160 well-known Chinese and foreign companies will fully display the latest achievements and applications. Many biomimetic robots, surgical robots, humanoid robots, industrial robots and space robots will be unveiled at the same stage. The robot industry provides an international exhibition stage to communicate production, learning, research and use, and promote the sound development of the robot industry.

    In the robot competition of the 2018 World Robotics Conference, there are five major categories of communicative robots, BCI brain control, youth robot design, KOB global robot fighting, and unmanned boat open competitions, from 1 in nearly 20 countries and regions. More than 40,000 participating teams from more than 40,000 contestants will stand out from the competition and show their respective winning works and cutting-edge technology to compete for the championship.




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