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    Weiyuan went to Nanjing to attend the TMD technical seminar

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    TMD technical seminar held in Nanjing

    The TMD technical seminar was held on November 22nd at Nanjing Hehai University.

    The seminar was jointly organized by Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School and Shenzhen Weiyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. Teng Jun, Chairman of the Professor's Committee of the Shenzhen Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology, and Li Yiqian, the senior engineer of Shenzhen Weiyuan Company, attended the meeting. The main topic of this conference is how to effectively eliminate the risk of super high-rise buildings under external forces and improve the comfort of high-rise buildings.

    Professor Teng Jun first introduced the "Structural Response Test Report of the Typhoon Mangosteen under the Jingji 100 Building". Dr. Chen Chaojun from Harbin Institute of Technology proposed the importance and necessity of setting up the TMD damping system in high-rise buildings. Li Yiqian Gaogong made a technical analysis on the structure and feasibility of the TMD damping system. After heated discussions, the two sides unanimously decided that the Shenzhen Weiyuan company organized a technical team to prepare the TMD technical plan, project budget, etc., and submitted it to the next meeting for discussion.

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