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    Chairman of Weiyuan Company attended the 2018 Economic Situation Analysis Symposium of Guangdong Provincial Committee

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    Guangdong Provincial Party Committee held a symposium on economic situation analysis in 2018

                      --- Chairman Li attended the meeting

    On December 7, 2018, the Policy Research Office of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee hosted a 2018 economic situation analysis symposium.

    The symposium was attended by industry associations such as automobile, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, textile, import and export, real estate and other trade associations (commercial chambers). The chairman of our company, Li Yiqian, participated in the discussion as the sole enterprise representative of the provincial machinery industry. meeting.

    The representatives attending the symposium revolved around the relevant data, highlights and deficiencies of the industry (enterprise) operations in 2018. The overall judgment of the development of the industry in Guangdong Province; the normal role of the three countries issued by the state and Guangdong Province? The prejudgment of the economic trend in 2019, the impact of Sino-US trade friction on enterprises. Participants spoke enthusiastically, combined with the actual situation of the industry to make suggestions and suggestions, and sum up experience to see next year.

    Chairman Li reported to the leadership on the operation of the company. When talking about the trade friction between China and the United States, he said: As the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, as long as they enter this line, are fighting every day. Weiyuan has experienced three world financial turmoil and is already psychologically prepared. For the 2019 pre-judgment, Li Dong said that we have formulated the "three three three" plan to cope with the long-term effects of Sino-US trade friction.

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