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    Chairman of Weiyuan Company attended the joint meeting of Guangdong Machinery Industry Association and Guangdong Electri

    Time:2018-12-22 15:47:51Source:This siteViews:423

    On December 20th, in 2018, the Guangdong Machinery Industry Association and the Guangdong Electric Industry Association Presidents Joint Meeting and Enlarged Meeting were successfully held in Guangdong Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College.

    The chairman of our company, Li Yiqian, the president of the two associations, the vice president, the leaders of the association, and the heads of the relevant departments of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, attended the meeting. Relevant leaders of the Industry Department of the Provincial Industry and Commerce Department were invited to attend the meeting.

    This meeting mainly discusses the development trend of Sino-US trade wars, what impact will it have on enterprises and how to deal with them. How to stabilize talents under the new business model; how to deepen the integration of production and education, and promote the connection between education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain. Explore the cooperative and mutually beneficial model in the new market environment.

    Chairman Li believes that the current economic situation is complicated and there are many uncertain factors in the domestic and foreign markets. The Sino-US trade war will continue, but the crisis will exist at the same time. Enterprises must cultivate internal strength, adhere to innovation and development, cultivate quality brands, deepen market segments, and strive to open up emerging markets.

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