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    Aerospace Science and Technology Launch Institute visited

    Time:2019-01-18 15:56:28Source:This siteViews:592

    On January 16, the leaders of the Aerospace Science and Technology Launch Research Institute and the experts of the research group visited Anhui Weiyuan Company.

    The Aerospace Science and Technology Launching Research Institute is a research institution that collects experts from many disciplines in China. The Institute actively responded to the instructions of President Xi’s military and civilian integration and opened the door to attract private enterprises to join the army. Conducting inspection and exchange activities from the grassroots level in Beijing. The chairman of the company and the person in charge of the technical production department participated in the reception work. The discussion was organized around three topics. After exchanges, the leaders of the Aerospace Science and Technology Launch Institute expressed their congratulations on the achievements of Weiyuan. General Liu said that he has also seen similar enterprises, but Weiyuan’s performance is more concentrated, more focused, aiming at one direction, and concentrating on a product with distinctive features. In particular, the corporate tenet of “trusted by, loyalty” gives people a sense of trust.

    The leaders and experts of the institute learned in detail about the extended keyway machine tools that the company has customized for you. I am amazed that Weiyuan can complete this work within one month and enhance the confidence of cooperation. After careful discussion, the two sides have confirmed the cooperation projects and laid a solid foundation for the continued deepening of cooperation in the future.


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