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    Achieving new manufacturing, climbing new peaks

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    ——Summary of the speech by Chairman Li Yiqian at the 2019 New Year Meeting

    On January 27, 2019, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Weiyuan Company surrounded the theme of “2019 Building Dreams and Dreaming the Future”. The chairman and general manager brought together all the employees of the company to share a feast. During the meeting, Chairman Li Yiqian delivered a speech reciting the old and welcoming the new, and made a toast.

    Chairman Li Yiqian reviewed the progress of Weiyuan in 2018 and focused on three major events:

    1. In December of the end of 2018, the “Double Cadres” was successfully held in Shenzhen. This is the first time that Anhui and Shenzhen senior management cadres have discussed the development of Weiyuan since the establishment of Weiyuan.

    2. General Manager Li Jingyu proposed Weiyuan's new strategic policy: “Weiyuan Industrial Millet”. To achieve slower production, increase production capacity, improve quality, and improve overall competitiveness.

    3. In the new year, we must break through the bottleneck in the technical work focus, aiming at the market mass, miniaturization, and new situation of special needs. Start with the introduction of flexible automated production lines and step into new manufacturing platforms.

    The chairman hopes that everyone: "Adapt to Weiyuan, strengthen learning, cast yourself, and keep pace with the development of Weiyuan."

    The chairman of the board of directors brought the deputy generals to the table toast

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