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    Weiyuan goes to the world stage and unveiled at Hannover Industrial Exhibition

    Time:2019-04-02 16:14:24Source:This siteViews:672

    As the largest international industrial event in the world today, the 72nd Hannover Industrial Fair in 2019 was grandly opened at the Hannover International Exhibition Center on April 1, 2019, Germany. 70 Shenzhen enterprises brought the industry's cutting-edge products to the world, Shenzhen Weiyuan Shine the world stage again.

    This year's show is based on the theme of "Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence". The exhibition covers six major topics including integrated automation and power transmission technology exhibition, digital factory exhibition, energy exhibition, air pressure and vacuum technology exhibition, industrial spare parts and sub-contracting technology exhibition, research and technology exhibition.

    Weiyuan has been committed to providing customers with high quality and low price products and first class integrity services for many years. Weiyuan went to the world to broaden its horizons, draw gaps, absorb the essence, and continue to make progress. From the new materials, new processes, new methods to new technologies, new devices, new products to create China's first rolling functional parts green manufacturing enterprise with a complete intellectual property system.

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