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    Anhui Weiyuan Company was selected as a national science and technology enterprise

    Time:2019-04-28 16:16:29Source:This siteViews:612

    Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province announced the "Announcement of the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province on the first batch of SMEs in 2019", Anhui Weiyuan Precision Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Anhui Weiyuan) with its technological innovation A number of achievements in the field have become the first batch of SMEs in Anhui Province in 2019 (Certificate No.: 201934110200001915).

    Since the official launch of Anhui Weiyuan Company in 2016, it has been adhering to the tradition of Shenzhen Weiyuan Company's innovation-driven development. In just three years, it has obtained three invention patents, drafted and registered two “enterprise standards” (rolling Screw and module). Production and operation have also been confirmed, and the average sales growth for the third consecutive year has increased by more than 20%.

    Anhui Weiyuan has been identified as a “scientific and technological SME”, which is a full affirmation of the economic and social values of Anhui Weiyuan's R&D and innovation capabilities and transformation results. To lay the foundation for Shenzhen Weiyuan to enter the national high-tech enterprises.
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