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    Rolling ball screw group standard review meeting held

    Time:2019-07-08 16:21:44Source:This siteViews:610

    On July 7, the Rolling Ball Screw Group Standard Expert Review Meeting was held in Guangzhou.

    The rolling ball screw group standard was initiated by Shenzhen Weiyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Weiyuan Precision Industry Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College. The Guangdong Machinery Industry Association proposed and managed. Ball screw products are one of the most commonly used scrolling features for smart equipment, especially in the 5G era, and the scope of application will be further broadened. China's current ball screw sub-standard is based on the grinding process and cannot be fully applied to the rolling ball screw. To this end, the company and other units initiated the preparation of the "rolling ball screw" group standard.

    After nearly three years, the writing team has conducted many field visits, collected data, discussed changes, and publicized for comments and other procedures, and the expert review meeting was successfully held. Chairman of the company Li Yiqian Gaogong, Ye Yongxian, and Professor Zhong Jian from the Vocational College attended the meeting. Ask questions about matters such as the background of the report.

    Experts attending this review meeting gave praise to the standards and put forward high-level opinions or suggestions. The standard writing team will synthesize the expert opinions and report them again after revision.

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