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    Chairman Li was elected executive vice president

    Time:2019-08-12 16:25:36Source:This siteViews:639

    The 5th General Assembly of the Guangdong Machinery Industry Association was held at the Westin Hotel in Guangzhou on the 10th of this month. More than 500 representatives attended the meeting.

    The meeting was chaired by Vice President Lin Yuhua and reviewed the following issues: the previous work report of Secretary-General He Xiangji, the financial revenue and expenditure report made by Deputy Secretary-General Li Ying, and the report of the fifth council election method by Deputy Secretary-General Huang Jianhua Wait. The meeting adopted various reports and elected a new council, standing council, president, vice president and executive vice president, as well as members of the secretariat. Li Yiqian, the chairman of the company, was elected as the executive vice president.


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