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    Provincial Industrial Fair successfully closed

    Time:2019-08-12 16:28:13Source:This siteViews:622

    The four-day Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Advanced Manufacturing Expo and Guangdong International Industry Fair were held on the 11th of this month.

    The company's leaders attach great importance to the exhibition. Carefully organized and carefully prepared. Especially in the special design of the 5G concept, received praise. During the exhibition, the leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Economic and Information Affairs, the former director of the Guangdong Provincial Machinery Department, the original leaf researcher of the National Development and Reform Commission, the director of the Department of Development and Reform, and the Secretary General of the Guangdong Machinery Industry Association, He Xiangji, visited the booth to encourage them.

    Weiyuan's "small, special, special, fine" ball screw pair won the excellent product award.



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